What is drawing more and more Hollywood celebrities towards Indian ethnic wear?

India is gradually rising to be a hot worldwide fashion destination and the Ethnic wear is making its vicinity felt more grounded like never before. What’s more, the west is getting excessively entranced by Indian fashion. Fashion in India has a large number of years of custom behind it. India is place that is known for rich and changed textile heritage where every area of India has its own local dress and traditional costumes, mainly Indian Saris and thus it is touted as an experimental place for the designers!

Source: Julia Roberts in movie Eat Pray Love

India is known for its culture and fashion and thus India’s flexibility and craftsmanship is held in high respects for many years. With Hollywood big names and worldwide fashion labels taking India inspired .attire and adornments onto red carpets, interest for Indian outfits in the outside market has become too high. Indian market has gone through real changes in strategies and globalization anticipated which has led to quick development and changes in fashion commercial ventures. Globalization is being seen after freedom and accordingly Indian dressing has been modified. Indian industry is continually advancing and rising. It has been watched that the fashion industry for the most part gives Indian touch to all the outside designs.

There are numerous reasons that Hollywood celebrities get influenced by the Indian attire and fashion industry. The blend of multinational gatherings and social diversities of India brings the outcome of garments that can be tailored and designed in a new pattern. Each gathering has its own particular remarkable style and assortment of costumes and dresses. Indian Fashion designers are renowned to blend together these dissimilarities to fashions and give a noteworthy Indian touch to them.

One more reason can be seeing Indian ethnic on international platform regularly through beauty contests. Numerous international beauty pageants showcase Indian women wearing garments which are our pride and identity.

Indian motion pictures are the most impacting viewpoint. People passionately follow what the superstars are wearing in the movies. Despite the fact that the West is controlling the Indian fashion industry, our ethnic garments like Designer Sarees and Indo-Western Wedding Lehengas are not behind in enticing Hollywood celebrities with beautiful and unique Indian ethnic designs. Indian fashion has been consistently enhancing to flawlessness.

From Julia Roberts, Paris Hilton, to Lady Gaga, numerous worldwide big names have been intrigued with Indian Ethnic Wear.

Source: Lady Gaga wearing Indian Sari: Photoshoot by Tarun Tahiliani

With the approach of globalization and web, Indian designers are gradually making advances into the standard fashion scene in the west and bringing mind-blowing changes. Extraordinary designs created by Indian designers have produced an incredible impact on putting the spotlight on Indian clothing pattern. These designs along with magnificent craftsmanship have expanded the comfort of Indian clothing in the global textile market. Today, Indian ethnic wear clothing is one of the exceptionally demanded garments over the world.

One of the trickiest ranges of fashion is formal wear ethnic dressing. Looking alluring in Indian clothes is simple in light of the fact that there are numerous bright and happy looking alternatives in both traditional and contemporary ethnic fashion inventories. In any case, numerous people find themselves befuddled with regards to ethnic dressing for a formal saree. Hollywood resorts to traditional wear where calm yet exquisite Indian clothing is an unquestionable requirement.

Source: Paris Hilton Launching Handbag and Accessories brand in Mumbai, India

Presently, India is one of the greatest players in the universal fashion podium. It is a major exporter of fabrics and embellishments. India’s quality is its cultural exclusivity and its raw materials. India is one of the biggest producers of cotton. Indian ethnic designs are in incredible demand throughout the world and this has contributed a considerable measure in the development of Indian ethnic wear market.

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