Neckline Designs to Mark Your Impression

We have heard it many times “First impression is the best impression”. In terms of science, researchers have found that a first impression is made within first few seconds while meeting someone for the first time. When you are meeting someone for the first time, they are always taking a keen interest of your appearance, your smile, your handshake and how you present yourself in front of them. There are many questions that are answered in those first few seconds based on how you present yourself and how they feel.

An appropriate dress that compliments your attire plays a crucial role in presenting your appearance as well as your personality. If the design, color combinations and pattern of your dress is from the latest fashion trend then you would be considered fashion conscious for sure. There are variety of outfits and accessories to compliment our looks. The neckline style and design of our outfit plays an important role as it reflects the actual elegance of the wardrobe. Without a perfect neckline the charm of the outfit fades away. Thus, fashion experts do a lot of hard work in order to make the look of the outfit attractive with new innovations in neckline designs.

There are several options of neckline designs that will raise the ethnicity of Indian sarees, lehenga cholis and salwar suits.

Some of the most popular neckline designs are as below:

Round Neck:
This is the most common design of neckline that suits all types of body shapes. A round neckline gives a decent and smart look to the wearer.roundneck

Square Shape Neckline:
This type of neckline design is very popular among Indian ladies as it compliment traditional Indian look. Women who have a narrow and short type of neck should opt for this neckline design as it will make the shoulder to appear broad and make the neck look long.squareshape

V-Shape Neckline:
This type of neckline design is very popular and demanding among the youth as you can make the “V” as deep as you want to look more attractive and tempting. If you have an oval shape face and large bust then this design is perfect for you.vshape

Collar Neckline:
This type of neckline design will reveal the professional and formal look. It dignifies simplicity and elegance. It is advisable to have exquisite embroidery and buttons lining down from the collar as it will glamorize the beauty of the outfit.collarneck

Boat Neckline:
This type of neckline design suits every type of faces. Outfits with boat neckline give a simple and elegant look to the wearer.boatneck

Closed Neckline:
This kind of neckline design looks equally good for all formal and important occasions. If you want to get a show stopper look in a party then this is the best option. It is also one of the most popular designs for bridal outfits.closedneck

Halter Neckline:
This type of neckline design is inspired from indo-western clothing. A halter neckline design outfit is designed in such a way that exposes the entire back and fastened with the help of straps at the back. This type of neckline design is preferred by youngsters as it gives a bold look to the wearer.halterneck

Opting for proper and perfect neckline designs for your wardrobe describes your sense of fashion. A perfect combination of design, color and pattern of your dress gratifies the personality of the wearer, but a perfect neckline defines the fashionista of the wearer. So choose a perfect neckline design for you and leave a long lasting impression on everyone everywhere.

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