Pre-stitched Sarees – The Latest Fashion in town

Sarees – Indian women’s most popular and loved attire is a symbol of Indian tradition and culture. It is the only gorgeous attire that most of the Indian women love to wear during any occasion and festivals.  Sarees signifies the charming & everlasting beauty of Indian women. In India, whether it’s an anniversary, wedding function, party or festival, Sarees are the all time favorite outfit of women. Indian Sarees enhances the charm of even the most ordinary woman & give them a stunning and gorgeous look. Sarees are high on glamour quotient but due to its complicated draping style, many women’s are feeling it hard to wear especially those who have not worn it before. In this fast & busy world when women’s are handling several things at a time, it’s very difficult for them to drape it correctly & neatly. Proper draping of saree is very important as that will enhance the beauty of saree. But not all women’s especially those who are trying their luck in saree draping for the first time find it difficult & to cater to their problems, fashion designers have smartly come up with the creative idea of ready to wear sarees called pre-stitched sarees or automatic sarees.

Pre-stitched sarees are commonly known as ready to wear or automatic sarees where you don’t have to start from the scratch to wear the sari and struggle with for hours together. They are now one of the popular choices among ultra modern women who desire to wear a designer exotic saree without the tedious draping process. It is more convenient & easy to wear a pre-stitched saree as compared to the traditional type of sarees. These pre-stitched sarees are designed so intelligently that they can be worn in a single step, just like putting on a skirt. Also, with these sarees, you are not required to buy petticoat separately because attached stitched petticoat comes with pre-stitched sarees. While wearing pre-stitched saree, all you need to do is pull it over your waist, fasten it and through the pallu over your shoulder for the perfect look. One good thing about the pre-stitched sarees is that it can be worn without the help of others because it’s simplicity of wearing like a skirt. 

Pre-stitched sarees are a boon for many women’s who find it hard to wear sarees for festival rituals & auspicious moments immediately before or after work but now they can even be a part of all ethnic ceremonies; thanks to pre-stitched sarees. Another benefit of pre-stitched sarees is that it fits every body type whether slim or plus-sized. There a number of women who are not comfortable with their body type and hence mostly avoid wearing saree. But now they too can look gorgeous with pre-stitched sarees.

Pre-stitched sarees have become the latest fashion trend & many women’s are opting for it compared to regular sarees. Pre-stitched sarees saves lot of time & effort & since there’s only one way of wearing it, it will give graceful and elegant look as well.  Pre-stitched ready to wear designer Indian sarees have thus become a welcome change in the world of fashion and are making waves among the masses. offers the service of making sarees as "Pre-stitched". All you need to do is just select any saree you like and check "Pre-stitched Saree" option and we will make your favourite saree as easy to wear saree. The main benefit of our "Pre-stitched Sarees"  are:

  • It can be wored by anyone regardless of size.
  • It comes with removable stitches wherein you can remove the stitches anytime & wear it like a regular saree.
  • The reason for not making our "Pre-stitches Sarees" as skirt is that if we make it like a skirt, then it won't be wored by any other person of other size.
  • Also, if we make it like a skirt, neither you can open it's stitches nor you can wear it like a regular saree.